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Welcome to Mary Shillabeer's Personal Page

In September 2012, we suddenly and totally unexpectedly lost our sweet 9 year-old Golden “Spy” to a rare Bile Duct cancer.  In just four days, he went from being his goofy, active self…to…gone.  In 2008, I lost my heart dog, 10 1/2 year-old "Boon", to prostate cancer.  Before that, in 2004 we lost our precious "Denver" to hemangiosarcoma, at 9 1/2 years of age.  All three dogs were taken from us too early.  If you have been "in dogs" for any length of time, you will have lost a dog to cancer, or you are going to lose a dog to cancer.  The sad fact is, that cancer is the most common cause of death for our dogs.  

With each loss, and the loss of friends' dogs, I have felt a profound need to "do something".  Thanks to Suzi Beber and Smiling Blue Skies, I have that opportunity.  By raising funds, I hope is that we can find treatments and cures for the cancers that are taking our beloved pets far too soon.

The knowledge gained through studies financed by the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund is shared with human research, for the benefit of our four AND two legged loved ones.   

Although I now live on Vancouver Island, I will be attending the walk.  This fund is near and dear to my heart, so I still want to support such a worthy cause.  Please join me in making a difference, for the benefit of our dogs, and us.


Mary Shillabeer, along with "Keener", “Oli" and "Morley"

In memory of Roxy (mast cell cancer), Carling (likely hemangiosarcoma), Denver (hemangiosarcoma), Boon (prostate cancer), Spy (cholangiocellular carcinoma - bile duct cancer) and wee Gusto...our only dog that did not die of cancer.  







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