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Welcome to My Personal Page

Hello Everyone:  

Many of us are dog lovers and know the enriching benefits that canines contribute to our lives.  We are acquainted with numerous dog owners who are clients at our boarding kennel who also have lost their beloved canine family members to cancer.  I myself have lost three golden boys; their cancers were sudden and sad and they were very young to have left us.  I hope you will help me in my efforts to support the great research that OVC is carrying out.  This research helps the canine species and crosses over to humans.

Please know that I appreciate any size of gift that you feel you may contribute to this worthy cause! 


Thanks to my 'PLEDGE SHEET' donater:


Diane McLeod - $200.00

Slobbery kisses from our pups to you and yours!

Jackie Matticks and goldens Ben, Luke & Wyatt











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