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Welcome to My Personal Page

As every year since 7 years ago, I am participating again this year in The Smiling Blue Skies Walk to help raise money for the OVC Pet Trust - Animal Cancer Fund. I am commited to this cause especially because I have a great love for dogs, which was born since I got my first dog back in my home country, my beloved Mexico.

I was in early elementary school when we got our first family dog, his name was Bandido, a little black and white mix breed dog that one of my older sisters rescued him. From there I received always uncondicional love from all the dogs I had while growing up, Bandido that we had to say good bye just a couple years later. Then we got Winnie, a little cocker spaniel cross who had an accident when he was about 2 years old and he spent his next 10 years running with just 3 legs, but being the happiest and most popular dog in my neighborhood. Then we got Simba, we enjoyed his company for almost 10 years when he crossed the rainbow for a better life, because Simba got cancer and was suffering a lot. I couldn't say good bye as I was already in Calgary. It broke my heart not seeing him for last time but I knew it was the best for him to avoid more pain. Then Luna arrived to my life, our wonderful labrador retriever that I love immensely and I do my best to help she can have a long and healthy life.

Now working all the time with dogs, I have said good bye over the past few years to more that 5 dogs that had cancer and suffered for either months or a few weeks when the cancer was invasive and causing them lots of pain, giving their owners no option than to say good bye to their beloved pets to stop their dogs suffering. All these wonderful dogs I got to love them as my own and loosing them was as loosing my own dog. For all these reasons I joined this cause and I think that is the least I can do to help these wonderful creatures that are part of our families. 

Hope you can help me to get not just my personal goal but mostly to help in this great cause!

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