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Over the last several years, there has been increasing scientific evidence of honey bee health crises throughout North America. This is problematic because honey bees as well as other native bees are required for pollination services for crops and wildflowers.

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The Honeybee Research Centre would like to hire a student with audio visual and web design skills to work with our team in an initiative to improve our honey bee educational resources. Our team includes; Paul Kelly, Research and Apiary Manager; David Stotesbury, Lead Hand Beekeeper; Dr. Ernesto Guzman, apiculture professor; Brooke Wallace, Undergraduate Research Assistant and Nancy Bradbury, Honey Sales and Administration. The selected student will work closely with our team members to develop these resources.

This project is important for anyone who would like to know more about the importance of honey bees, University of Guelph apiculture students, and beekeepers throughout the world.


Through this crowd funding initiative we hope to raise the funds necessary to improve the educational experience on our website. With the burgeoning interest in honeybees, we can’t keep up with the demand for our educational services without more resource material. The videos we produce would augment university level apiculture courses, weekend beekeeper courses and all the other educational experiences we currently provide.

There are three planned initiatives including updating our website to include more fascinating facts about honeybee behaviour, creating a virtual video tour based on our popular honey bee tours and creating a series of short  how-to videos for beekeepers with topics ranging from how to light a bee smoker to how to recover from colony losses. We foresee continuing the development of instructional beekeeping videos which would reach a broader audience than we can currently with the courses we offer.


We are hoping to secure a total of $6,300 to pay the selected student videographer for the summer of 2016, $4,610 of which would come from this crowd funding initiative.

Here is the impact that your donation can have: 

  • $420.00 will pay for one week of work (the approximate time required to complete one how-to video)
  • $84.00 will pay for one day of work (the approximate time required to edit one video)
  • $42.00 will pay for one half day of work (the approximate time required to film one short how-to video)
  • $12.00 will pay for one hour of work (the approximate time required to set-up one how-to video)

Donors will be able to check our website, www.uoguelph.ca/honeybee, on September 1st, 2016 when we will unveil the completed project!



Anyone who would like more information on this initiative can email us at: infohbrc@uoguelph.ca  or call us at 519-836-8897.

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