Student Refugee Resettlement

WUSC has identified the need to support Syrian youth as urgent and growing.  Based on a long history with WUSC, the University of Guelph and WUSC Guelph Local Committee are in a strong position to provide an environment for these students to have the opportunity to flourish.

Student Refugee Resettlement

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As the global refugee crisis worsens, U of G has responded to the international call for refugee support by committing to sponsor two Syrian refugee students, through World University Service Canada’s (WUSC) Student Refugee Program (SRP). The students have both arrived on campus. 

A number of collaborators have come together in support of this project, including the WUSC Local Committee Chair and Student Refugee Program Coordinator, Angela Sweeney and Carly MacArthur and their teams of support people, University Administration, Student Life, Alumni Affairs & Development, as well as the WUSC team abroad that helps students apply and interview for the program from their refugee camps.


Our goal is to support the full resettlement of two Syrian Students through raising $60,000. Please consider a gift to help us achieve that goal.

The goal of the project is two-fold: 

  1. The safe resettlement of two Syrian students.
  2. Financial support for the costs associated with living and studying in Canada.  

The University of Guelph is providing in-kind support for these students by waiving tuition over the four years of their undergraduate study, and providing housing and meal plans for their first two semesters.

Financial contributions from donors will be directed toward the costs associated with their resettlement, living expenses throughout their four-year academic studies including housing, food and additional course-related expenses during years two through four.

U of G has a strong relationship with the Student Refugee Program, and already sponsors 2-3 refugee undergraduate students each year. Students who come to Canada through WUSC seek safety and education, and the program provides the opportunity for them to secure permanent residence in Canada and a higher education degree while being supported culturally and financially along the way through the local committees and student volunteers on Canadian campuses.


Specific examples of where your contributions will be directed include:

  • $6,000 – Annual rent 
  • $5,000 - Living expenses for the second year of studies
  • $1,500 - Travel to Canada 
  • $1,000 - A laptop and cellphone
  • $500 - Settlement needs including winter clothing
  • $100 - Course books
  • $50 - School supplies
  • $25 - Long distance calling card to contact their families

Donors will be informed through our various social media channels about the progress of this project.


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